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Prof.Dr. Alper ILKI

Structural and Earthquake Engineering


SCI Journal Papers

A92. Yilmaz, M., G. Dogan, M.H. Arslan, A. Ilki, “Categorization of post-earthquake damages in RC structural elements with deep learning approach”, Journal of Earthquake Engineering, published on line, January, 2024.  

A91. Cengiz, A., T. Gurbuz, A. Ilki, M. Aydogan, “Dynamic and residual static behavior of axially loaded RC columns subjected to low-elevation impact loading”, Buildings, 14(1), 92, 2024.

A90. Aydogdu, A. Ilki, “Case study for a performance based rapid seismic assessment methodology (PERA2019) based on actual earthquake damages, Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, accepted, December 2023.

A89. Tura, C., S. Aydin, U. Yazgan, K. Orakcal, A. Ilki, T. Kabeyasawa, J. Kang, “Critical issues in nonlinear modeling of reinforced concrete buildings: code-compliant modeling approaches and the 2015 e-defense shake table tests on a full-scale 10-story building”, Journal of Earthquake Engineering, accepted, September, 2023.  

A88. Aydogdu, H.H., C. Demir, M. Comert, T. Kahraman, A. Ilki, “Structural characteristics of the earthquake-prone buildings in Istanbul and prioritization of existing buildings in terms of seismic risk-A pilot project conducted in Istanbul”, Journal of Earthquake Engineering, accepted, August, 2023.  

A87. Ates, A.O., S. Hajihosseinlou, A. Nasrinpour, C. Demir, M. Comert, M. Marasli, A. Ilki, “Seismic retrofit of substandard RC columns using sprayed glass fiber-reinforced mortar and basalt textile reinforcement”, Journal of Earthquake Engineering, accepted, August, 2023.  

A86. Aydogdu, H.H., C. Demir, T. Kahraman, A. Ilki, “Evaluation of rapid seismic safety assessment methods on a substandard reinforced concrete building stock in Istanbul”, Structures, 56, 104962, October, 2023.

A85. Ates, A.O., G. Durmus, A. Ilki, “Tensile and flexural behaviors of basalt textile reinforced sprayed glass fiber mortar composites”, Materials, 16(12), 4251, June 2023.

A84. Yilmaz, C., O. Kirtel, G. Dok, A. Ilki, “Experimental investigation on the post-impact behavior of normal-strength reinforced concrete beams subjected to drop-weight impact loads”, Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, accepted, February 2023. 

A83. Dogan, G., H.M. Arslan, A. Ilki, “Detection of Damages Caused by Earthquake and Reinforcement Corrosion in RC Buildings with Deep Transfer Learning”, Engineering Structures, accepted, January 2023. 


A82. Seyhan, E., C. Goksu, I. Saribas, A. Ilki, “Hybrid use of externally embedded FRP reinforcement for seismic retrofitting of substandard RC columns”, ASCE, Journal of Composites for Construction, 27(3), June 2023.

A81. Halici, O.F., U. Demir, Y. Zabbar, A. Ilki, “Out-of-plane seismic performance of bed-joint reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) infill walls damaged under cyclic in-plane displacement reversals”, Engineering Structures, 286, 116077, 2023.

A80. Dalgic, D.K., B. Gulen, Y. Liu, S. Acikgoz, H. Burd, M. Marasli, A. Ilki, “Masonry buildings subjected to settlements: half-scale testing, detailed measurements, and insights into behaviour”, Engineering Structures, 278, 115233, 2023.

A79. Hojdys, L., P. Krajewski, A. Kwiecien, T. Rousakis, V. Vanian, M. Tekeli, A. Viskovic, A. Ilki, et al., “Quick repair of damaged infill walls with externally bonded FRPU composites: Shake table tests”, ASCE, Journal of Composites for Construction, 27(1), Feb, 2023.

A78. Gurbuz, T., A. Cengiz, S. Kolemenoglu, C. Demir, A. Ilki, “Damages and failures of structures in Izmir (Turkey) during the October 30, 2020 Aegean Sea Earthquake”, Journal of Earthquake Engineering, accepted, April, 2022.

A77. Inci, P., C. Goksu, E. Tore, E. Binbir, A.O. Ates, A. Ilki, “Assessment of seismic demand and damping of a reinforced concrete building after CFRP jacketing”, Structural Engineering and Mechanics, 82(5),651-665, 2022.

A76. Demir, C., M. Comert, P. Inci, S. Dusak, A. Ilki, “Seismic retrofitting of the 19th century Hirkai-i Serif Mosque using textile reinforced mortar”, International Journal of Architectural Heritage, April, 2022.


A75. Ispir, M., A.O. Ates, A. Ilki, “Low strength concrete: stress-strain curve, modulus of elasticity and tensile strength”, Structures, 38, 1615-1632, April, 2022.

A74. Bedirhanoglu, I., A. Ilki, T. Triantafillou, “Seismic behavior of repaired and externally FRP jacketed short columns built with extremely low-strength concrete”, ASCE, Journal of Composites for Construction, 26(1), February, 2022.

A73. Yakut, A., H. Sucuoglu, B. Binici, E. Canbay, C. Donmez, A. Ilki, A. Caner, O.C. Celik, B.O. Ay, "Performance of structures in Izmir after the Samos Island earthquake", Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, September,  2021.


A72. Pul, S., M. Senturk, A. Ilki, I. Hajirasouliha, "Experimental and numerical investigation of a proposed monolithic-like precast concrete column-foundation connection", Engineering Structures, 246, 113090, Nov., 2021. 

A71. Tore, E., C. Demir, M. Comert, A. Ilki, "Seismic collapse performance of a full-scale concrete building with lightly reinforced columns", ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering, 147(12), December, 2021.

A70. Ispir, M., K.D. Dalgic, A. Ilki, “Cyclic compressive behavior of hybrid FRP-confined concrete”, ASCE, Journal of Composites for Construction, 25(5), October, 2021.

A69. Demir, U., G. Unal, C. Goksu, I. Saribas, A. Ilki, "Post-fire seismic behavior of RC columns built with sustainable concrete", Journal of Earthquake Engineering, May, 2021. 

A68. Mezrea, P.E., M. Ispir, I.A. Balci, I.E. Bal, A. Ilki, "Diagonal tensile tests on historical brick masonry wallets strengthened with fabric reinforced cementitious mortar", Structures, 33, 935-946, October, 2021.

A67. Inci, P., C. Goksu, E. Tore, A. Ilki, "Effects of seismic damage and retrofitting on a full-scale substandard RC building-Ambient vibration tests", Journal of Earthquake Engineering, February, 2021.

A66. Dok, G., N. Caglar, A. Ilki, C. Yilmaz, "Residual load bearing capacity and failure mechanism of impacted high-strength reinforced concrete shear beams", Engineering Failure Analysis, 121, 2021.

A65. Saribas, I., C. Goksu, E. Binbir, A. Ilki, "Shear-flexure interaction in RAC columns under simulated seismic actions", Engineering Structures, 231, 2021.


A64. Rousakis, T., A. Ilki, A. Kwiecien, A. Viskovic, M. Gams, P. Triller, et al., "Deformable polyurethane joints and fibre grids for resilient seismic performance of reinforced concrete frames with orthoblock brick infills", Polymers, 12(12), 2020.

A63. Dok, G., N. Caglar, A. Ilki, C. Yilmaz, "Effect of impact loading on residual flexural capacity of high-strength reinforced concrete beams", Structures, 27, 2460-2480, Oct, 2020.

A62. Bas, S., C.Z. Dong, M.N. Apaydin, A. Ilki, N. Catbas, "Hanger replacement influence on seismic response of suspension bridges: Implementation to Bosphorus Bridge subjected to multi-support excitation", Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, 49(14), 2020.


A61. Demir, U., C. Goksu, G. Unal, M. Green, A. Ilki, "Effect of fire damage on seismic behavior of cast-in-place reinforced concrete columns", ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering, 146(11), 04020232, November, 2020. 

A60. Demir, U., C. Goksu, E. Binbir, A. Ilki, "Impact of time after fire on post-fire seismic behavior of RC columns", Structures, 26, 537-548, August, 2020.

A59. Demir, U., M. Green, A. Ilki, "Post-fire seismic performance of precast RC columns", PCI Journal, 65(6),62-80, Nov-Dec, 2020.


A58. Gunes, B., A. Ilki, N.K. Oztorun, "Determination of monitoring parameters for fatigue behavior of steel-concrete composite bridge girders with welded full depth transverse stiffeners", Sustainability,12(1), 2020.

A57. Senturk, M., S. Pul, A. Ilki, I. Hajirasouliha, "Development of a monolithic-like precast beam-column moment connection: experimental and analytical investigation", Engineering Structures, 205, Feb., 2020.

A56. Saribas, I., C. Goksu, E. Binbir, A. Ilki, "Seismic performance of full-scale RC columns containing high proportion recycled aggregate", Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, 17, 6009-6037, 2019.

A55. Goksu, C., I. Saribas, E. Binbir, Y. Akkaya, A. Ilki, "Structural performance of recycled aggregates concrete sourced from low strength concrete", Structural Engineering and Mechanics, 69(1), 77-93, 2019. 

A54. Demir, U., M. Ispir, Y. Sahinkaya, G. Arslan, A. Ilki, “Axial behavior of noncircular high-performance fiber-reinforced cementitious composite members externally jacketed by CFRP sheets”, ASCE, Journal of Composites for Construction, 23(4), 2019.

A53. Ates, A.O., S. Khoshkholghi, E. Tore, M. Marasli, A. Ilki, “Sprayed glass fiber reinforced mortar with or without basalt textile reinforcement for jacketing of low strength concrete prisms”, ASCE, Journal of Composites for Construction, 23(2), April, 2019.

A52. Cosgun, C., C. Demir, M. Comert, A. Ilki, “Seismic retrofit of joints of a full-scale 3D reinforced concrete frame with FRP composites”, ASCE, Journal of Composites for Construction, 23(2), April, 2019.

A51. Halici, O.F., K. Ugurlu, C. Demir, M. Comert, A. Ilki, “Evaluation of diaphragm conditions in AAC floor structures”, Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, 16, 6131-6162, 2018.


A50. Ispir, M., K.D. Dalgic, A. Ilki, “Hybrid confinement of concrete through use of low and high rupture strain FRPs”, Composites Part B, 153, 243-255, 2018.


A49. Ghatte, H.F., M. Comert, C. Demir, M. Akbaba, A. Ilki, “Seismic retrofit of full-scale substandard extended rectangular RC columns through CFRP jacketing: Test results and design recommendations”, ASCE, Journal of Composites for Construction, 23(1), Feb., 2019.


A48. Gurbuz, T., A. Ilki, D.P. Thambiratnam, N. Perera,   “Low elevation impact tests of axially loaded reinforced concrete columns”, ACI Structural Journal, 116(1), 117-128, 2019. 

A47. Dalgic, D.K., M.A.N. Hendriks, A. Ilki, W. Broere,   “A two-stage analysis approach for the assessment of the settlement response of the pre-damaged historic Hoca Pasha Mosque”, International Journal of Architectural Heritage, 13(5), 704-724, 2019. 

A46. Demir, U., Y. Sahinkaya, M. Ispir, A. Ilki, “Assessment of axial behavior of circular HPFRCC members externally confined with FRP sheets”, Polymers, 10(2), Article 138, 2018. 

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A44. Bas, S., N.M. Apaydin, A. Ilki, N. Catbas, “Structural health monitoring system (SHMs) of the long-span bridges in Turkey”, Structure and Infrastructure Engineering, 14(4), 425-444, 2018. 


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A41. Goksu, C., P. Inci, U. Demir, U. Yazgan, and A. Ilki, “Field testing of substandard RC buildings through forced vibration test” Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, 15(8), 3245-3263, 2017. 

A40. Mezrea, P.E., I.A. Yilmaz, E. Binbir, M. Ispir, I.E. Bal, and A. Ilki, “External jacketing of unreinforced historical masonry piers with open-grid basalt reinforced mortar” ASCE, Journal of Composites for Construction, 21(3), Article Number: 04016110, 2017. 

A39. Ghatte, H.F., M. Comert, C. Demir, and A. Ilki, “Evaluation of FRP confinement models for substandard rectangular RC columns based on full-scale reversed cylic lateral loading tests in strong and weak directions” Polymers, 8(9), doi:10.3390/polym8090323, 2016. 

A38. Cavunt, Y.S., D. Cavunt, and A. Ilki, “Indoor and outdoor pullout tests for retrofit anchors in low strength concrete” Computers and Concrete, 18(5), 951-968, 2016. 

A37. Kaya, E., C. Kutan, S. Sheikh, and A. Ilki, “Flexural retrofit of support regions of reinforced concrete beams with anchored FRP ropes using NSM and ETS methods under reversed cyclic loading,” ASCE, Journal of Composites for Construction, 21(1), Article Number: 04016072, 2017. 

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A33. Dalgic, K., M. Ispir, A. Ilki “Cyclic and monotonic compression behavior of CFRP jacketed damaged non-circular concrete prisms,” ASCE, Journal of Composites for Construction, 20(1), Article Number: 04015040, 2016. 

A32. Goksu, C., P. Inci, and A. Ilki, "The effect of corrosion on bond mechanism between extremely low strength concrete and plain reinforcing bars," ASCE J. Perf. Const. Facilities, 30(3), Article number 04015055, 2016. 

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